Encryption for PTP820s SW 8.7

How can I check the encryption of the radio???

Our customer want the approve that the link is encrypted before the acceptnace, in this version (8.7) i dont know how to check it!!!

Please I need your support ASAP...

To check whether or not encryption is enabled go to Radio->Payload Encryption.

 (In this example encryption is NOT enabled.)

This value can also be queried through SNMP via OID .

I hope this helps.

Thnx seth,

The Mode is Disable in the link, thats mean its not encrypted as you mentioned.

So according to the manual I have to generate a new key from the master key which is

already in the master key configuration, right?

Is there any key i have to request it from Cambium, just like the activation key or not?

If not, so i have to press on Generate Key to give to me the Master Key, then!!!???

Please provide me with the practical steps from A to Z to avoid any problem in the link.

The manual that I have is for the SW 8.5, do u have the manual for the SW 8.7?? there is some difference between them.

your support will be appreciated...

That's correct. 'Admin Mode' set to 'Disable' means that the link is not encrypted.

Enabling payload encryption requires a license activation key to be installed on both radios first.

It looks like User Guide 8.5.5 is our latest version right now. And I think you have already found page 177.

Follow the steps in the User Guide, but ultimately for AES encryption to work both sides of the link must have the same Master Key. You can either generate the Master Key yourself (8-32 ASCII characters) or have one of the ends generate the Master Key for you with the 'Generate Key' button.

The attached slides might help!


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I follow the instructions in the document but i faced another problem whci is (The system is in software activation key violation state)!!!

knowing that we have an activation key for the link and its already applied!

Please look at these two slides.

A quick perusal of the Activation Key Overview page (Under Platform, Activation Key) will reveal which features are in violation.

Contact customer support (http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/contact-support/) if this doesn't help!

I hope this helps!


Thank you David...

In the Activation Key Overview i found one violation which is: -



Payload Encryption AES-256 (quantity)

The number of radio carriers that are allowed to use AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) capability.




What is the meaning of this? and how can i solve it?

your support will be appreciated...

This means it's time to contact customer support.

They'll need to check that your hardware is sufficiently recent and that you have put the the correct activation keys into each end.

Please contact customer support.