Encryption License


In order to enable encryption on the 820C and 450PTM, is it requied to purchase a separate encryption license as part of the BOM?


For 820? yes... 256 bit aes key p/n: N000082K027B

for PXP450? 128 bit aes is included, for 256 bit aes you'll need a key... which ATM, I cannot find the p/n.

Eric is correct for the PTP820.  I've listed the part numbers for the other products that support 256 AES via license keys.

PMP450 platform: C000045K009A (256 bit per AP)

PTP6x0 platform: C000065K018A (128 bit per end)

                             C000065K019A (256 bit per end)

PTP820 platform: N000082K027B (256 bit per Tx channel)

                             This means in a 1+0 you would need 1 license per ODU.  In a 2+0 setup, you would need 2 licenses per ODU.

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