End goal of cnMaestro

Being new to Cambium, I am curious where cnMaestro is headed? Is this replacing a product like Link Manager for ePMP gear? Is it intended to be a cloud based management and monitoring solution, similar to UBNTs AirCRM (sorry to mention them but I am familiar with it)?  Will we get the ability to get alerts emailed to us from cnMaestro or should I plan on running a localized monitoring tool along side this?  I like where it looks like it is headed but it does look very early in the development process.

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cnMaestro is currently offered as a Cambium cloud hosted solution. Toward the end of Q1 next year, we are planning to make it available to be hosted on-promise (a.k.a. “NOC” version). It will be a Linux VM deliverable.

Our goal is to support all of the Cambium products. As it is a new platform, we have started by initially supporting the Wi-FI product line and ePMP. The PMP 450 product line will be supported in Q1 2016. Support for monitoring the PTP 650 will come after that followed by monitoring support of legacy Cambium devices.

Aside from evolving support for the various devices, we will continue to mature the software functionality throughout the coming year. The prioritization will be based on customer feedback. Email alerts is a planned feature targeted for mid next-year.


Hi Emilio.

With the NOC edition, we can import configurations from CLOUD edition?


Michele Pietravalle

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Yes, we plan to allow users to transfer configuration between cloud and NOC.

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As stated, your goal is to support all of the Cambium products.  As we progress, we are now using 450i, 650, 670, and 820's.  Are you going to supoort all of these Cambium products?  I have read in another thread that there is no plan to support the 820's.  

Hi reddirttech -- yes, support for PTP 650/670 and PTP 820 are on the roadmap, but the level of support will be different between them. PTP 650/670 are currently targeted for Q1 and will be integrated in a similar fashion as the current products (onboarding to cloud.cambiumnetworks.com, though largely focusing on monitoring and maintenance). PTP 820 will be through an extended SNMP infrastructure we expect to add in the second half of 2018.  It will provide discovery and monitoring -- more along the lines of a standard NMS.

Thanks for the Reply.  I look forward to seeing the added support for the PTP's we are using.