End of the Elevate Program

Have I received some information that the Elevate program may end at the end of this year? That is, you can no longer buy more licenses? Is it true or false?

ojala sea una joda… compre por ese tema los ap cambium… espero que alguien nos saque la duda.-- ya que stamos algunos ticks para mejorar rendimiento de epmp3000 con elevate? ya que no va bien. gracias.

Partially. Last date to buy licenses will be December 31, 2020. After that, Elevate will be supported for 4 more years and then will be completely discontinued. This is due to the market shifting towards buying primarily AC radios and there no longer being a need for or demand for transition tools to migrate older N equipment.


pero quien tenga licencias activas las seguira teniendo? luego de los cuatro años? ya que no tendria sentido pagarlas para que luego nos las saquen=?= grac ias.

Is there an official statement on this somewhere?

No public statement (that I know of), but this was announced to all distributors and reseller partners world wide, last month.

You can still do it now as long as the wisp you’re buying is all old 802.11n ubnt, in which case I think the ship has sailed for it. Hope you’re not paying more than $5

As long as your intending to buy that wisp before the end of the year, it’s not really a problem… you’d just need to make sure to purchase as many elevate licenses as you expect to need to convert everything before the end of the year. I wouldn’t really expect ubnt 802.11n CPE to have a useful life of more than 4 years at this point anyway.

If they have AC stuff mixed in, then Elevate isn’t necessarily a good option anyway (unless it’s only the APs)

That is correct. Elevate sales and/or promos will come to an end December 31st. As Eric pointed out, distributors are aware. We simply don’t see the effort justified to keep supporting Elevate devices on new releases. We are focusing on AC & AX platforms moving forward and are also noticing many users are already on 11AC on the competing lines.

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But is true that licence servers will be shutdown? So we have to change all current elevated hardware?

No. the license servers continue to operate for those licenses created prior to the end of sale that occurred in December 2020.

  • Bruce

My distrubutor says that after 3 years licensing servers will be no more available, so were is the truth?
What means “for those licenses created prior to the end of sale that occurred in December 2020”? We have already purchased some 10-items packet but not still activated, what will happen to those packets?

There is any official communication somewhere with all details about elevate program end?

We are officially supporting the product for 4 years after the last purchase date which was December 22, 2020. So we will support the software until December 22, 2024. This support means you can receive technical support for the Elevate product up until that time.

However, we will not turn off the license server at that time. The product will still work after that time and we won’t be shutting off the license server for those activated keys even after that date.

  • Bruce

Thanks for the clarification Bruce

Thanks, this is a good news, i don’t know why distributor give us a wrong information.

In any case there is any official communication about that into cambium website?

Thank you.