end user jitter problems

I have canopy motorola wireless internet. I’ve recently had some issues with my jitter. I’ve clear all possible LOS. Trees and objects inbetween the mini satellite to the tower on a mountain near by(11.02 miles roughly).

I can set my rssi and jitter but after getting a decent average of 2-4. My jitter jumps to 10-15 for a 10-20secs then come back down to the 2-4 (which it’s suppose to be at). This causes 1800-3000ms(using tracert style program:Neotrace) between SM(dish) and the tower.

I’ve tried tightening all supports and i’m still at a loss for what’s going on. My provider doesn’t have any ideas.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

What is the dB level at the SM?

the db level moves from -75 to about -77.

Raise the antenna 6 feet higher.

I agree with Jerry… get a bit more height… and ??? how many other SMs on the AP… are they closer??? What are their Power Levels at… ???

At 11+ miles you are probably not the closest and the AP may be covered up by the closer SMs if they are Maxed on power output…

Are you the provider??? or the end user???

any other RF in the area???

Lots of differnt things to look at with an 11+ mile link… becomes very succeptable to interference… reflection… RF interference.

Must look at the whole forest and not just the individual tree…

Good Luck


Higher is not always the key. Has your provider tried lower? I have found at those distances that sometimes lower is the key; depending on terrain, elevation, interference. Higher could be the key or left 1 foot or right 3 foot whatever, but we have found you have to go where the signal is and sometimes it not where you think it should be.
If elevation of the antenna up or down does not work sometimes, the use of a reflector comes in handy. The reflector scoops more of the signal out of the air. At this distance, it is meticulous using a reflector and takes patience in tuning it in properly. RSSI and Jitter is a nice place to start but Link Test is where it is at. Once you have the signal adjust to this no matter what antenna you are using for best results. As close to, 100% as you can get is the key.

I’ve raise the antenna up about 6 feet. I get a better signal but i still get spikes. I have it tuned in so it usually stays around 1-3 jitter and 720 rssi but the jitter still bounces up to 8-12 for periods. Power is about -74 db.

I can’t lower it saddly due to the forest in between me and the tower. I use a mini sateille dish style set up.

I’m an end user. My provider seems to know as much as i do saddly but he’s new in the business so i don’t mind. Sort of help yourself motif.

Would reflection increase jitter and not effect rssi? As my rssi doesn’t seem to change at all.

If anyone has anymore ideas would love to hear them.

A common installation mistake when using a reflector is to have the reflector pointing too high. The reflector should make it look like it’s actually pointing down toward the ground. There’s a picture of the appropriate angle to start with at Wireless Beehive. Look at the picture on the left. Start at that angle and adjust vertically up and down until you get it peaked in. I’ve seen a lot of reflector installations that were working, but actually pointing into the sky. The correct angle is not very intuitive.

my reflector is pointed down. lined up and everything. I’m not sure what to do. the problem is not that it’s not lined up properly it’s the fact that i get jumps in my jitter from 1-3 jumping to 8-12 for a couple seconds then back down again.

Force the radio to 1X.

Jitter going from 1-3 to 8-10 and back is an indication the radio is trying to switch to 2x mode and cannot hold it. As a result your performance will suffer.

What frequency is this? 5.7?

Do you have a cordless phone on this frequency?