Enlace FORCE 180 modo BRIDGE no funciona?

Hola, al parecer cuando nuestro ISP ve y asigna IP solo a la primer MAC address que ve conectada físicamente al MODEM, transmitir el servicio desde un MODEM hacia un punto remoto mediante BRIDGE ES IMPOSIBLE ya que el mismo no asigna IP a las MAC siguientes, SOLO A LA PRIMERA MAC DEL PUERTO LAN del primer FORCE 180 conectado al MODEM… alguna solución a este problema? muchas gracias:

Google translate:

Hello, apparently when our ISP sees and assigns IP only to the first MAC address that it sees physically connected to the MODEM, transmitting the service from a MODEM to a remote point through BRIDGE IS IMPOSSIBLE since it does not assign IP to the following MACs, ONLY TO THE FIRST MAC OF THE LAN PORT of the first FORCE 180 connected to the MODEM … any solution to this problem? Thank you so much:

As I replied to your other identical thread, there are a few ways to make this happen. My last suggestion was to place the router you plan to use between the ISP modem and the first radio, If using the placement in the picture above on the SM you MUST enable the ‘DHCP below SM’ feature or nothing will flow.