Eolo Wins Netflix #1 Communications Service Provider in Italy

Eolo, an Italian Service Provider, makes history today by being the #1 Service Provider for Netflix performance in the entire country.  They beat out Vodafone and even the incumbent traditional phone operator Telecom Italia to jump to the top of the list. Netflix continually measures the performance of internet service providers and ranks them to help their customers choose the right provider to get the best Netflix experience.

You may also notice that Eolo is the only operator that is classified as a “Wireless” operator among the top 7 in the list.  They are truly wireless, with a network powered primarily by Cambium Networks’ wireless communications technology.  Eolo covers vast amounts of Italy using the PMP 450 platform, including cnMedusa™ technology, which enables Massive Multi-User MIMO operation to provide their customers the necessary bandwidth to achieve the best experience with their broadband connection, including Netflix.


This is downright amazing... this network is powered by the PMP 450 platform, and mostly by cnMedusa (PMP 450m).  If you ever had doubts about scalability of the 450 platform, Eolo has it figured out for an ENTIRE COUNTRY.


Woohoo! We already knew Cambium could play with the big boys, but here's the proof!