ePMP 100 with sync vs ePMP 1000 without sync

Hello Guys,

For a while i have been doing deployement with ePMP 1000 with sync.

But later i came accross ePMP 1000 with no sync, I intend to try using this product to my client as it is cg=heaper.

Hence i would like typical scenareo whch limits the use of ePMP 1000 with no sync and other scenareo where this product could perfectlt be used.

Hi - the ePMP with no Synchronization would be best used in small networks in remote areas with little or no interference. Where an AP has a few subscribers and there are no other emitters in the area, it works perfectly fine. 

As soom as you have dozens of subscribers, have more than one AP tower location, or are in an area where there are other emitters, you will find that Synchronization will improve performance.