EPMP 100

So I am having a small issue with a EPMP

I have 3 stations and 1 access point and for some reason every week or so all the stations loose connection to the AP until you reboot the AP and then all 3 Stations will relink up and work for a week to 10 days then it happens again

Any Ideas so far wish i would have stayed with deliberant boxes

Is the AP still pingable or can you access the web interface?

If its accessible, you may be able to check the logs.

If not, what version of the firmware are you on?

I currently have 6 AP's and about 14 force 110's in my environment and haven't seen anything like that yet.

Yes the AP is pingbale and i can get to the web interface 

software v 2.0

Firmware VersionU-Boot 9344_PX 1.1.4.a (Oct 31 2013 - 1

i can simply login to the AP and tell it to reboot and everything will connect backup 

That's pretty old firmware, I'd try upgrading it first and see if that resolved the issue.

I just relased 2.4.1 to the environment and so far its pretty solid.