ePMP 1000 2.4 Ghz link help

we have a link that is really giving us a difficult time. Link Planner shows us a good link is possible. Not sure if there are too many trees in the way or what, but the SM is registered to the AP but we can't get the SM to get any data. If there is anyone out there who has some experience with this type of situation your thoughts would be very much appreciated. We do have a lot of interference in the area but I was hoping that we could find something that will allow us to connect. Thanks all.

Can you give us a bit more information, like, what is the SnR and modulation on each side? Are you trying to use ePTP? Can you even run a link test between the two?

When you say 'can't ge the SM to get any data' - do you truly mean ZERO data at all? Or do you just mean 'not as much throughput as expected'

If you truly mean 'no data / zero data at all', then I'd suspect a higher level problem (routing, IP addresses, etc) and not an RF or interference problem.  In my books - it would seem that if there's enough SNR to link reliably, it should pas some data.  If it's not passing ANY data, then it's likely some configuration issue and not an RF issue.

But, as other's have said - we'd all need some more data (signals, distance, SNR, etc) to be able to give better guesses. :)

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There is a lots of values you should take into consideration before you deploy Cambium’s gear.
Like SNR, CINR, RSSI, Chains, trees are not a problem just remember 2.4 Ghz is a propagation band more than a capacity band with that said you can easily go thru foliage.

Link planner gives you just the PTP and the path. Nothing else, if you have something on the way up it will be necessary you do the Planning with ICS Telecom.

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I agree, more data would be helpfull, so here we go :)  

I tried to contact you, but the call does not go through. Is there a different phone # I should try? Thanks


Sorry, about the lack of details regarding the data. We can do a link test just fine and the AP shows 1 registered SM. But for all intents and purposes, we can't seem to get the link to deliver internet to the end user. I have more screen shots I can share if you would like. Thanks

On the AP, please make sure your 'Subscriber Module Target Receive Leve' is set to -50dBm

Try using a 10MHz channel width. Try using the 'flexible' schedular.

On the AP, you might want to try setting the 'Management Traffic Rate' to MCS0

Are you using the Cambium OEM 2.4 sector antenna?

Are there any obstructions between the AP and the SM?

The only obstructions would be the tops of pine trees. We are not shooting through tree trunks or any buidings or anything like that. Just some foliage. We are indeed using a Cambium sector antenna.  I will try the noted items and post my results. Thank you

Made all the adjustments and now the SM won't register to the AP. This a a bit of a tricky one for sure. 

you've got uplink interference and probably some downlink.   like eric said, move to 10 mhz, reduce your management to MCS 0.  

use the spectrum analyzer to pick a new channel, or use ACS then lock the radio down.   

if this is point to point shot, try using narrow antennas on both sides like a force 2000 or KP performance's reflectors.

if this is sector using GPS sync, check your snyc settings around the network, if you've got this AP set to front on your re-use, it can't hear any other front APs on the same channel within 25 or so DB of your recieve RSSI or you will run into a headache.   (edectect will point out your other APs on the same channel) 

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