epmp 1000 2.4 on 10 Mhz Channel

What would be the max bandwidth capacity of a 2.4 epmp 1000  AP on a 10 mhz Channel?

Hello, assuming maximum modulation in both UL and DL, you will will max out at about 60Mbps of sector capacity.  LINKPlanner is a great tool to help with this, along with Capacity Planner.  Both are availalble here: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files

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In order to get the 60mbps aggregate figure, this assumes ideal conditions and I would imagine 5ms frames and short GI would need to be used in the new 4.x firmware line.

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As stated it's going to depend a lot on noise and how good your client connections are. We have a 2.4 Omni that is legacy from back when we did a lot of Ubiquiti 2.4Ghz. When we started rolling out ePMP 5Ghz the people on this AP wouldn't work so they remain on a 2.4Ghz ePMP 1000 running 3.5.6 10Mhz wide channel and an Omni antenna.

I leave them wide open because the 2.4Ghz noise in the area of the tower is such that I can't really guarantee any speeds, so I just let them run wild. You can see that at about 30Mbps it's maxing out Frame Time which means that is the max. 


Thank you that awnsers my question.