ePMP 1000 2.4ghz APs - more susceptible to ESD/Electrical Events

Hello all - 

We have started to put out a few 2.4ghz ePMP 1000 APs and it seems like these are much more susceptible to ESD or whatever power/electrical issues are arrising when compared to the 5ghz units.  We have a large number of ePMP 5ghz APs deployed across our network and for the most part, they have proved to be very resilient to ESD and other power/electrical events.     Whereas the 2.4ghz seem to give up with even the slightest of electrical event. 

Has anyone else noticed this? Any fixes?

Note: If we have a site with ePMP 5ghz sectors and backhauls and ePMP 2.4ghz sectors and the tower gets hit by something, it's not uncommond for all the 5ghz gear to be up and running flawlessly, but all the 2.4ghz sectors are just dead.    All equipment on the site is grounded the same and was likely installed at the same time, reducing the chance of differences in installation/grounding.  


is your 2.4 radios installed lower than the 5ghz radios?   is the ethernet run also shorter since they are lower?        is your direct ground from the antenna the same length as your eithernet cable and is your home run for ground a heavy copper line straight down?     do you have surge arrestors on the ethernet and your cable shielding directly grounded as well?      also be sure that your tower grounding is bonded to your service delivery ground.    ground potiental diffrence can really up your chances of damage.

the 2.4 and 5ghz radios should be the same as far as resistance to ESD. 1 joule.

ESD will always move the path of least resistence. be sure your ground path is shorter, less resistive and much higher ampacity. 

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I didn't want to muddy the question with achitecture, but we run fiber up our towers and then have "short" cables to the APs, so none are more than 20ft and the lengths are roughly the same as they are done on the ground before installation.   Grounding is all consistent between the 5ghz and 2.4ghz.  

Again, just looking to see if others have seen any such correlation with the 2.4ghz vs 5ghz and ESD/failure rates.   

thats odd then   we are mostly 2.4 and haven't seen much failure at all.     in 3 years we've only lost direct strikes, no suspected ESD issues.  little over 200 GPS devices active for us

Chris - thanks for the info.  We're in the same basic scale (about 225 ePMP GPS APs) and the 5ghz have been very reliable.  The 2.4ghz failure rate just baffles me, as does why they still come with 2.0 software...

Thanks again.

we still get some with 2.0 software too.   they probably have stock sitting still from early runs I'm guessing.      

do you have the MACs from all the units you've lost?  may be worth talking to support to see if they all came from the same batch and possibly something to do with that?    bit of a strech but if you've got 2ghz radios dropping next to 5ghz radios and theyre all installed the same, somethings strange.