ePMP 1000,2000 AP / Force 180 SM JSON Templates Radius


My company recently acquired another business that came with 1000+ ePMP APs in different varieties. Until now, we have only dealt with PMP450s. I am trying to create a standard JSON template that I can push from cnMaestro to these new ePMPs to enable Radius authentication. Can I push the same JSON file to both ePMP 1000 APs and Force 180 SMs? This would make my life a lot easier than making specialized JSON templates for each flavor of radio. Unfortunately I do not have a test environment at the moment.

Thank you!

Hi @bcotton,

I did a quick check between the config files of an ePMP 1000 AP and SM and it looks like they share the same keys for Radius settings so you should be able to use a single template. I recommend also exporting a config file from a Force 180 SM to verify the keys used but config file differences are typically between AP/SM and not models unless it is a model-unique setting.


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Thanks so much for the quick response Jordan!