ePMP 1000 5 Ghz connectorized with Sync

Hello my Friends

can i use ePMP 1000 5 Ghz connectorized with Sync with Rocket Dish 30 dBi
and what the expected range for this link .... with good capacity 
i know it is a general question .... but just i need to know if there any advantage to use cambium devices in this link instead of UBNT devices like Rocket M5 and Rocket M5 Titanium ...and mikrotik devices like Mikrotik BaseBox 5 and Net Metal

many thanks for your support

It works quite well! Check out my forum story here:



Just play around with linkplanner. This gives a good feeling for capacity.

Comparing UBNT to EPMP always consider available spectrum. With ePMP you can do ABAB so you can use spectrum twice on a tower. This is not possible with UBNT as their sync does not work as expected.

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