ePMP 1000 and PacketFlux

When using ePMP 1000 with PacketFlux sync over power, what do I set the GPS source to? Internal?

Can I use PacketFlux sync over power with the included Cambium GPS pucks still attached?

We have several ePMP1000 APs using PacketFlux injectors.  Assuming your sync pulse over ethernet/power is getting through to the AP, you can set the sync source to CMM3 or CMM4. (Don't know what the difference is in this instance, always assumed it had to do with leading-edge vs peak or something on the sync pulse, I just make sure I set them all the same when I'm reusing frequencies)

As hinted at above we've had a few instances where we had problems with sync over ethernet, usually down to a surge suppressor inline, or a bad ethernet jumper, but regardless you CAN set the AP to use GPS as sync source, and you may find the internal GPS with the internal antenna is perfectly adequate to maintain stable sync - YMMV.

I would encourage you to NOT set sync source to "Internal" - that is NOT the internal GPS, but rather generates its own sync, likely ensuring trouble in frequency reuse/overlap scenarios.



Fantastic, thank you. Is this documented somwhere? I couldn't seem to find any information on this extremely fundamental part of setting up the PacketFlux injector.

Is the packetflux timing the same as the onboard epmp gps sync?