EPMP 1000 AP and Elevate so far

Is it reccomended to to always  turn on Traffic Priority in the SM's for users .

We have alot of users that use youtube, netflix and facebook, whi ch are bandwidth intensive applications.

We also recently moved to Elevate, and moved over a ton of 2.4ghz Ubiquiti SM's and moved onto the epmp1000's, a massive difference in performance, bandwidth available to each SM, and overall performance.

Basically now were tweaking the SM's and setting QoS on each SM which is done through the AP, so I was a little curious some users have been complaining of slow loading times, on youtube some nights and others its fine.

Were doing our usual process of elimination by PTP feeds, available bandwidth and how busy the AP's are at night via CNmaestro data, but enough data hasn;t come through yet, to get an idea of whats wrong.

But were  very impressed so far as to the huge difference of using EPMP Elevate and are glad we waited to try this out instead of trying the UBNT gear yet again and being dissapointed with it.