ePMP-1000 AP - (Non-GPS) - Cannot Enter Coordinates Into Gui

On our ePMP-1000 radios set for AP mode - you should be able to enter coordinates in Decimal Form into Configuration, System, Location Services

When we try to enter a Latitude (for example 32.865) into the Latutude column, it will not take it. 

Same thing when you try to enter Longitute -103.413 into the Longitude column, it does not take it. 

In both of the columns, the GUI kicks out anything after the decimal place. 

Running standard 3.5 firmware in the non GPS Radio. 

What is the problem?

Danny, this is a known GUI issue in 3.5. Fix will be in 3.5.1. 

Sorry for the trouble. 



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Hi All,

The GPS coordinate issue is a web page issue.

The element code for the latitude box is:

<input class="form-control input-sm" id="sli_systemDeviceLocLatitude" type="text" maxlength="11" min="-90" max="90" step="any" pattern="^[-]*[0-9.]*">

The problem is the pattern statement is actually being told to reject everything after the "."

Here is my suggested pattern to match (this is in PCRE format, this is what I know best):


What this means:

[-?] match negative numbers

[0-9]{1,3}  it can be any number between 0 and 9, up to 3 digits long

(?:\.  start of an optional sequence and try to match the "."

[0-9]{1,8})?"  match up to 8 digits that can be any number between 0 and 9

this means that this pattern is good for both lat and long boxes, but it also accepts numbers like -999.99999999

This is just a suggested example to fix this and it has been tested and works on both firefox and IE11.

I am sure someone with better knowledge of regex patterns will be able to provide a much better regex for this, maybe with number limits?