ePMP 1000 connectorized. EOL?

So told by one of the distributors we buy from today that they no longer stock ePMP 1000 connectorized because they are End Of Life.

Don’t see that on the Cambium page. Integrated and GPS sync are listed as EOL, but not the F180, F200, or connectorized.

Truth or bull?

I wont call bull but I know a couple distributors here in Canada still have stock.

Yeah, still some out there. Told connectorized ePMP 1000’s are done and the F180 and F200 will be EOL in September.

Well that’s understandable, we do not buy F180/200s anymore as the F300 series is working just fine on all of our APs. We don’t even get the e1k-lites anymore in favor of the e3kL and CSMs which we use in PTP links with big dishes.

Maybe @CambiumMatt can weigh in here and clear it up?

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We ran into this as well, when trying to preemptively order some ePMP1000 APs that history has taught us will be needed at some point during lightning season. I got them to order 3000L radios as a substitute. Within limits they are a “drop-in” replacement on all but our oldest 1000 sector antennas. I try to never have 64+ clients on a sector anyway. When a sector approaches an average of 50 clients over a week I start looking for solutions, right now that is often CBRS but sometimes an extra 5GHz ePMP sector is the perfect answer.


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