EPMP 1000 connectorized radio discontinued?

Good afternoon all,

I just got a call from my distrbutor, I had 8 EPMP 1000 connectorized radio's on backorder and she informed me they have been discontinued.  Is there a replacment?

It looks like I can still get a 1000 5ghz synced connectorized radio.

I know the 2000's are coming, with a lite version that only supports 10 clients and the unlimited version. 

I guess I could order the force 110's and not use the dish, but is my only route going to be GPS synced options?

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Hello Ryo,

I have 2.4 and 5GHz connectorized SMs available. There has been no notice of these being discontinued. The integrated 5GHz radio has been EOL'ed and replaced by the Force 180.

The Force 110 PTMP kit (connectorized radio + dish) has also been EOL'ed and replaced by the Force 200.

Any additional questions please ask.

Garrett Kellner


We have NO plans of discontinuing the ePMP 1000 connectorized radio or the sync radio. The distributor is misinformed or is relaying incorrect information to you. As evidenced above (Garrett), distributors have these in stock. 



Ok, thanks for the info.

I'll get with him, I can't seem to find them anywhere...

Thanks again,


OK - good. I'm glad to hear that they are not discontinued.  :)  Where we are located, we often need more gain that Force200 antennas, so with the ePMP Connectorized versions, we can pair them with a 2.4Ghz 22 dBi DualPol grid, or with a 5ghz 28dBi DualPol grid and get exteded coverage for the most difficult of customer locations.  :) 

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