ePMP 1000 display mac address on lan port even though the port is disabled

I have a few ePMP 1000 running as subscribers in bridge mode with the following issue:
they keep displaying mac addresses sourcing from the lan port even though the ethernet port is disabled and the device was rebooted. I checked and those mac addresses are not supposed to be learned from the lan port of the SM rather than the WLAN interface. I tried every fw but the issue remains, now those devices are running 4.6.2.
The fact is that this problem creates a lot of trouble because generates loops and mac flaps.
Force200/Force300 and ePMP 1000 running as AP are not affected.
Has anyone had the same issue?

Do you have the Tech Support File collected in the moment when you see the issue?

Thank you.

did you try 4.7.1-RC13?
I have lots of e1k both integrated and lites, both do not have this problem.
also the ports on the radio are main and aux, labeled lan1 and lan2 in the software, the wan port is the radio link to the AP.