Epmp 1000 doesn't reboot.

Hello folks.

I have a epmp1000 integrated at a very remote location, this radio is causing some kind of loop in the network, it is acting as an AP receiving 2 stations, I can access it via WEB or telnet, NOt ssh (Not responding), when I try to do a reboot on it  it simply doesn't do it , I'm ataching the telnet command response, via web it wouldn't do it either.

Is there another way to perform a remote reboot on it?



cnMaestro would likely do it, but I'm guessing you havent onboarded it, so that won't do you much good.  You could try SNMP, but I'm gussing the reason the AP isn't responding is because of the SNMPd bug in 3.2.

snmpset -v2c -cprivate . i 1


Thanks for the suggestion, CnMaestro did it, I just activated internet on that network , connected the radio to cnmaestro and rebooted it.