ePMP 1000 GPS grounding instructions

I found this link for the epmp grounding installation guide, but the picture looks that is for the epmp 2000 AP. Does this one apply also to epmp 1000 GPS AP's?


Since it says you should connect the ground to the "thumbscrew" on the radio and the ePMP 2000 AP does not have a thumbscrew I would have to assume that is indeed a 1000 series since they do have a thumbscrew.

You 're right the epmp 2000 AP doesn't have thumbscrew, but wonder why the use that picture it's confusing if you don't have a 2000 AP to find out there is no thumbscrew.  Thanks for your help 

There is a ground lug on the back of the 2000 AP that should be grounded. It is very hard to get at once you mount the radio to the Cambium antenna so attach your ground cable before you attach the radio to the antenna mount...