ePMP 1000 Hotspot Low memory Reboot

Hello I have a problem with an ap, we have seen an unusual restart that requires high CPU and low memory usage, attached images of the web interface and cnMaestro.

Could you please send us a tech-support from the AP (can be downloaded either from the AP GUI under operations or from the cnMaestro troubleshooting page to support@cambiumnetworks.com?)
That will help us check which process is taking up the CPU and the memory.
Please do this sometime after the AP has been operating (right after startup we assume things are ok), or as soon as you see the high CPU and memory usage in the dashboards.

Of course, thanks for replying, we will send the technical files in a moment.

We believe that the reboot appears in hours that there are many connections and disconnections to the AP, there is almost no traffic since they are guest clients.