epmp 1000 port forwarding

Hi  Cambium,

I got 2 questions:

1. how to map a set of ports, let's say external 6000-6050 to internal 6000-6050? Just leave the mapped ports blank?

2. how to set over 16 rules on port forwarding table? I guess if we can make range port forwarding working, it will be fine with the size.

Thanks a lot.


You should set next configuration to forward external 6000-6050 to internal 6000-6050.

Where you should define begin address and end address of required range and it will be forwarded from WAN to LAN. Mapped port should be empty in case only frowarding is needed.

Unfortunately only 16 entries are available for Port Forwarding table.

Thank you.


Thanks a lot. 

We will have it tested. Our concern was if we don't set the mapped ports at internal side, the traffic will go all over the places. 

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