ePMP 1000 PtoP Bridge trunk config

Hello everyone, new to the community and also to the products ...

I recently installed 2 x ePMP 1000 for a point to point link , one as BR-master and the other as BR slave

Now I need to let this link to transparently let go data on VLAN 715 and keep VLAN 15 as the management VLAN

At this time I have no management VLAN nor Data Vlan set on the BR either sides. Switch port are set as access, native VLAn 5

I see I can configure the Management VLAN on BR-master and BR-slave, but the option for the Data Vlan is ONLY available on the BR-slave, nothing on the BR-master

Is this correct ?

Let me  try to resemble the steps I would apply in configuring this

1- connect via HTTP from remote ( no local access available yet)  to BR-slave via the Wireless link, set Management Enabled, add VLAN 15, set data VLAN enable, add 715. Save and reboot if requested

2a- connect  via HTTP thru Ethernet to BR-Master, set Management Vlan enabled, add VLAN 15. No options available for Data Vlan...

2b- On BR-Master also I would enable " Management Access: Ethernet and Wireless", correct ?

2c- save and reboot if requested

3- On the swith ports connected to BR-Slave and BR-Master change from switchport access, Native VLAN 15 to switch port trunk, Native VLAN 15, Allowed VLAN 715

Can you please confirm this is the right sequence? My main objective is not to loose connettivity and managent expecially to BR-remote that is very far away from where I am and have VLAN 715 enabled to be transparently transported

Many thanks in advance


Hi Franco,

The steps seems to be right and you should not loose management access.

One minor comment regarding Data VLAN. You are right Data VLAN is availble only on the BR-Slave side, but you probably want to use memenbership VLAN instead of Data VLAN. 

As you probably noticed on BR-Slave we have two types of VLAN settings you can configure: Data VLAN or Membership VLAN table(multiple VLANs).

Data VLAN means that BR-slave will recieve VLAN 715 from BR-master, remove the tag and send it untagged to Ethernet. It is similiar to "Native VLAN 715".

Membership VLAN means that BR-slave will receive VLAN 715 and pass it with tag 715 to Ethernet. It is similiar to "Allowed VLAN 715".

Please let me know if it makes sense. 



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