ePMP™ 1000 PTP and ePMP™ 1000


i've a PTP link using ePMP™ 1000 GPS sync on site A and ePMP™ 1000 non GPS sync on site B.The signal is -50 dB.

If i set GPS sync and 75/25, 40 Mhz Channel,  i obtain 50 Mbit/s max download.

If i set it in flexible mode i obtain 75 Mbit/s.

The questions are:

1) is there a limitation in the ePMP™ 1000 with sync?

2) Is there a difference using ePMP™ 1000 PTP instead of ePMP™ 1000 PTP ?

Thanks in advance.


When using one of the TDD modes that use GPS Sync (75/25, 50/50, 30/70), the time used for DL and UL transmissions is fixed. This means that for example, in 75/25 configuration, a maximum of 75% of the duration of the DL/UL cycle, will be used for DL and a maximum of 25% is used for UL. This ratio is fixed independently of the amount of traffic. On the other hand, flexible mode allows that DL/UL to be exactly that, "flexible" depending on the amount of traffic.

The document Understand ePMP throughput capacity at a detailed level (https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/epmp/) contains a more detailed explanation of this.