Epmp 1000 registration with epmp 3000

Hello gays ,
I have Problem in epmp 1000 I cant find my sector antenna and the distance between epmp 3000 and epmp 1000 is 4.23 Km and both device use software version and there is line of site between tow devices but in epmp 1000 when i use wireless i cant find epmp 3000 in Registered Modules also they use Driver Mode TDD
so can any one help me

Hi ,
You can enable syslog on both radios and get some hints.

I’m assuming you are trying to connect an ePMP 1000 SM to a 3000 access ping and both are on software.

The AP should show up under the wireless tab of the SM even if it can’t register. If you are not seeing it at all, double check your frequency and channel width selections so it is scanning for the correct frequency and channel range, otherwise you won’t see anything. At that range with clear LOS you should at least see something.

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dumb question but under config → radio do you have preferred AP’s? if so delete them.
Also, are you scanning the correct frequency? remember that the 3k radios do not have all of the frequencies of the 1k radios. (stupid I know but a truth) Make sure both have the correct frequency checked.

Hi ,
I Enabled syslog in both device but i still can’t see my sector antenna

Hi ,
yes am trying to connect an ePMP 1000 SM to a 3000 access and both are on software.
Intel now i cant see the sector antenna i checked the frequency and channel width and they same .
in scanning i see a lot of SSIDs but i cant see sector ssid

hi ,
No friend This Is not dumb question …
I have I have thought about this i delete the preferred AP ssid and both devise in the same frequency and same channel width but i still can’t see sector ssid

Wipe the config from both and start again. Make sure that you use factory defaults.

On the AP only set ip, radio frequency, channel size.
On SM, only set IP and unselect channel sizes your not using, example is if your ap is set to 40mhz then there is no point scanning 10 or 20.

They will link up now.

Modify one setting at a time to finalize the configs.