ePMP 1000 SM does not connect to AP

We have several links from ePMP 1000 series with 25dbi dish antenna and we use the last updated version of firmware 2.5.2 now. the distance is around 1 km.

it seems that all things are configured in two sites and SM could monitor the AP radio very good as followings, but they could not communicate and Error in Registration State is "Failed - SM Network Access:Retries exhausted".

Freq: 5055MHz, Channel: 20 MHz, RSSI: -60dbm, SNR:37 db

could any person help me?



Could you please check whether you have a mismatch in the authentication configuration between the AP and SM?



Check under the security tab on both ends to verify the keys match.


Dear Sir,

We checked the security authentication but the WPA2 was same in AP and SM.

I could ok the link via adjusting power control option in side of AP.

Do you mind showing us your AP configuration? Is anyone else connected to the AP? (Make sure to white out your MAC addressess if you post a screen shot)