ePMP 1000 Technical QUESTIONS ?

    1. During RF link planning, what is the best value to use for the interference?
    2. When is it wright to select frame size of 2.5ms and 5ms ?
    3. What is the maximum SM that can be associated to an AP ?
    4. What is the Max AP range for optimal RF performances ?
    5. How can i log in to my ePMP 1000 radio locally after configuring management Vlan on the radio ?
    6. Is it possible to have Data Vlan Separation on ePMP 1000 radio ?
    7. How to plan the network frequency re-use on a tower that has other unsynchronized vendor equipment.

Hi shynarh,

1. It depends on environment where you are going to use equipment.

    First of all you should investigate spectrum with Spectrum Analyzer on location.

2. With 5 ms frame duration you will have latency on wireless link about 12-15 ms.

    With 2.5 ms frame duration latency will be decreased to 5-7 ms.

    Please note that 5 ms frame duration provide a bit higher throughput.

  Also 2.5 ms frame duration supports collocation with PMP 100.

3.  40 MHz - 120 SMs

     20 MHz - 120 SMs

     10 MHz - 60 SMs

       5 MHz - 30 SMs.

4.  It depends on Link Budget and Link environment.

     AP provides higher Throughput and lower Latency with lower Max Range value.

     But Max Range should use value that complies with real distance between AP and SMs.

5.  You can use fallback IP address from untagged interface.

6.  There only one Data Vlan can be configured. SM will untag it when it comes from WAN side and tag

     it  when it comes from LAN side. Vlan Membership should be used to pass other Vlans.

7.  Frequency Reuse is possible only with ePMP 1000 and PMP 100.

     Other unsynchronized equipment is not supported.


Your answers are correct, thank you so much and infact i just finished a training certification course on ePMP a day ago


I have a question on the chanel size, what is the difference in data throughput for the different sizes I.E

40 MHz

20 MHz

10 MHz

5 MHz

In round figures:

40 MHz ~ 220 Mbps

20 MHz ~ 110 Mbps

10 MHz ~ 55 Mbps

5 MHz ~ 25 Mbps