ePMP 1000 upgrade option from CNS server

I have some query for understanding

1. with CNS V2.3 can we do centrally ePMP 1000 radio upgrade?

2. in this case as SM in generlly connect with network with wireless interface. so it have any risk? if yes how can we reduce the risk?

3. what if, in between of upgrade if the wireless link drop or device lost his power?  

sorry the CNS FW version is 1.2

Hi Monir, 

Yes, you can upgrade your ePMP network centrally from CNS. Simply use the "Upgrade" menu on the CNS GUI. You can safely upgrade the SMs that are only accessible through the wireless interface. Between CNS and ePMP there are many checks and handshake procedures that are performed to ensure upgrade is handled gracefully. Even if upgrade fails, you can simply kick off another upgrade to the failed radios from CNS. 

The only caveat is when a power failure happens on the SM during an upgrade. The Unsyn'd radio does not have a dual flash memory. During a software upgrade, the radio is actively writing to flash. If during the flash write, there is a power failure on the SM, there is a good chance that the flash might get corrupted and render the ePMP SM unusable. For the GPS Sync'd unit, it has dual flash memory banks (active and inactive). So if there is a power failure during flash write, the GPS Sync'd unit is able to recover using the inactive flash bank.