ePMP 1000 v3.0.1 ptpp master slave no traffic after 5 days

We have a eptp1000 link beween 2 conectorized epmp1000 radios at 20MHz running v3.0.1 in ptp master/slave mode and ever since the upgrade a couple of weeks ago we have had the following issue. Traffic stops passing through the link every 5 to 7 days and we loose access to the remote radio even though when connecting to the local radio the link shows up and connected. There is no IP connectivity between the 2 radios. The only way to reestablish the link is to reset the master radio. The slave reconnects without an issue and starts to operate normally passing traffic withou any additional resetting of the slave radio. This link is one of the first that has been working over a year now and only after the upgrade to 3.0.1 has shown this pehnomenon. We have 3 other links in the same mode but each of them with just one cuastomer attached with no issues. This seems to be linked to the fact that the link carries 20 other customers on AP's behind this backhaul...so it seems to be traffic related.

Please send feedback so that we can make an issue out of this with Cambium support if anyone else is experiencing something similar.

Hi Sebastian, 

Sorry about the problem on your ePTP link. I have contacted you offline for more information about this issue.