ePMP-1000 - Version 4.4.3 - Probems

In additiion to other programming problems, Version 4.4.3 will not let you change the IP address of a working radio. 

After changing the IP address, the Save Button never illuminates to allow you to save the item. 

There are other items in the programming that Version 4.4.3 will not let you change either.

Going back to Version 3.56.........

I assume no one at the factory ever checks this stuff after a Version change.

Hi Danny,

I am very sorry to hear you having problems. Can you let us know what is exactly the unit SKU that you are trying to change IP address? Is it in the AP or SM mode? If it is SM is it in NAT or Bridge mode?

What other issues do you experience with 4.4.3?



With 4.4.3, for example, you cannot change the IP address of ePMP-1000 radios while using to program radios. 

There are other items that you cannot change while logged  into the  radio with  You have to log into to each radio with the IP address that is already programmed in each radio to change IP addresses and many other items.

Using 3.56, you used to be able to program everything in the radios while logged into each radio using