ePMP 1000 weak signal


-ePMP 1000 Hotspot

-12db Omni Antenna

I have ePMP 1000 Hotspot with 1 port connected to 12db Antenna through 2.5meter coax cable.

The other port still connected with original antenna

The antenna located 5m above the ground

ePMP behind the wall. Reason why I put ePMP inside my house, because easier to disconnect.

I am not connecting antenna directly to it.

I believe by using external antenna, I'll get stronger signal.

But actually not.

From ground floor signal good

From 25m from my house, signal disappear

It worse than mikrotik or ubiquity with same antenna

Try to change the antenna port but get same result

What is wrong with my setup?


You used this -exact- same antenna setup with a Mikrotik and a Ubiquity product and the ePMP works worse? If everything is the same except radios, how much worse? 

Have you tried removing the gain antenna and testing with the 2 standard antennas that screw directly to the radio?...comparing range.

Also, what model coax are you using (RG-58, RG-59, LMR-240, etc)? What condition are coax and connectors? Has coax connector/s been properly waterproofed?

If you are using 2.5m of RG-58 you will have about 2db (40%) of signal loss (with coax and connectors in good condition).  In reality this is not that huge of a drop since you are using a 12db antenna (if that is the true gain of antenna and not marketing hype). 

You would have better results using two identical antennas with short sections of coax.