epmp 1000 work with cmm3 and varies sm p9 to p11 2.4

We would like to know if the epmp 1000 will work with cmm3 with GPS as a AP to varies sm p9 to p11 2.4,furthermore;which sm should we use as a SM platform?   We are just starting a wisp andviewing the affordable 2.4 intergrated p9 to p11 sm.

Posting for clairity and to provide an answer to an unanswered question. Not all device names are exact since Cambium uses the same name but different part numbers for the different RF bands. I have appended the frequency band to the end for ease of identification:

All sync capable epmp radios except the epmp3000L can sync to a CMM3,CMM4 and CMM5. They also sync to Packetflux’s sync injectors but the epmp3000 must be on a Cambium Sync injector as it does not understand Canopy Sync. Either way at the time of writing all epmp sync radios have onboard GPS and can use an external dedicated GPS antenna which is highly suggested.

epmp does not use the p9 to p11 hardware. That is for Canopy based systems which are 20Mbps at best!

As of June 2021:
It is suggested that you look at the epmp3000 (four antenna port MU-MIMO, 5GHz only) and epmp3000L (two antenna port SU-MIMO) for your AP needs and use the force300 line of SMs. Cheap backhauls can be made from Force300-25’s, epmp3000L or force300-CSM (connectorized Force300). If you require a synced backhaul then use a epmp3000L and a KP Performance dish (KP-5DP), then either a Force300-25 or a Force300-CSM with dish antenna. All epmp3000 APs and SMs have gigabit ethernet interfaces.
For more throughput requirements you can either use LACP and twin links (highly suggest on in HV and the other in slant45 polarization) or use the Force4xx series, though at the time of writing it is NOT sync capable.
Make sure you either use an OMNI (special ones are available for the epmp3000 (Mimosa has one that works as well. Because of how 802.11AC works in MU-MIMO mode you do not need to worry too much about the difference in the AP antenna polarization vs the SM polarization) or if using sectors, plan for four sectors per tower using two channels back to back. The user guide has a fairly good description of a layout plan that works very well.
A touch on cell size (max range), epmp was not designed to replace pmp4xx systems but rather provide an additional method to cover close and low density areas at a more reasonable cost. A pmp450 system will out perform an epmp system hands down at 10 miles (16km) but the cost per sector and the SMs is considerably higher. The epmp system shines best in low density and close applications. It is common to use 10miles max and not go more than 9miles, though at these distances clear line of sight and good elevation on both ends is imperative.

If you want/need 2.4GHz then you will need to use the epmp1000-2.4 APs and you have a choice of the integrated, Force130-2.4, the Force200-2.4 and the epmp1000-CSM2.4 (The epmp 2.4GHz hotspot can be flashed with regular firmware to make a CSM2.4, make sure you setup to the last hotspot firmware first then follow the firmware path in the proper steps or you will brick it!) SMs and KP Performance has reflectors that mount the integrated and F130 SM to increase the RF beam focus thus increasing the effective gain, these are cheaper than a CSM and a dish and are RF band agnostic so you can use them in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz systems.

There is no way to convert Canopy networks to epmp without complete replacement but there is a WiFi mode to allow migration from 802.11 networks (microtik, Mimosa and UBNT) to epmp.

If you can not get a near line of sight or better then consider a pmp450i-900Mhz sector and KP Performances slant45 dual pol yagi antennas.

Again this is just for completeness and provides only an answer for future lookup references.

e1k will only sync with CMM3/4 but not CMM5 aka Cambium Sync. e2k will sync CMM3/4/5. e3k will only sync with CMM5.

Funny, got a few on cambium sync injectors working just fine. Admittedly they do have to be set to cmm4 in the configs.

I just tested an e1k GPS using Cambium Sync with it and it would not detect the sync pulse. I tried setting to CMM3 and CMM4. As noted, there’s no CMM5 option.