ePMP 2.4 GHz Provides Reverse Polarity PoE Output

It has been established that the ePMP 2.4 GHz radios accept normal polarity as well as reverse polarity PoE input:

Tonight I decided to check the PoE output on the second port on a 2.4 GHz radio. When activated, the PoE output always provides reverse polarity (even when the radio is powered with normal polarity). I tested both integrated and connectorized units.

This allows an ePMP non-gps 2.4 GHz radio to be powered by a normal polarity PoE input and provide reverse polarity PoE output to another Cambium radio.

I’ll be using this feature when reconfiguring some of my repeater sites . Hopefully others can find it helpful.



I never even thought about that !  Very useful information, thanks !