ePMP 2000 3 sector

Has anyone ever done a 3 sector configuration using the 120 degree sectors on a monopole, 40Mhz channels with 5Mhz seperation? Results? Inquireing minds want to know. Photos?

I've done a number of 3 sector deployments with success.  

if you intend on using the beam steering, 120 will not provide the best resutls. the beam steering atenna is 90 degrees and will not beable to hear the last 15 degrees on either side.  those customers will lock back to the sector antenna.  

if you don't plan to use the BSA, then have fun.  it will work fine.   

ABC reuse just needs further planning (if you plan to reuse)   

if you don't plan to sync them, i'd space it a little further apart RF wise. 

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