ePMP 2000 access via eth plug- unplug

my epmp 2000 operates a few months , suddenly all SM disconnected. I tried the AP console via the laptop but the eth didn’t work , the eth status plug-unplug

I’ve tried changing PoE, the result is still the same

any advice ?

If it has dropped all the wireless clients (do you see the SSID ? Is it also going up and down ? ) and the ethernet is going up and down then possibly the radio is rebooting over and over ?

Regardless of if the radio is rebooting over and over or the ethernet port is just flapping (going up and down)

(1) Are there other AP’s at this location powered by the same source that are working ? If not then verify the power at the location is good. If other AP’s on the same power source are working then it’s probably not a problem with the source of power.

(2) Water shorting the wires at one end of the cable or possibly the cable is damaged somewhere and the wires are exposed and either touching/shorting/gapping, or copper exposed and water in jacket causing short. Check for water and/or damage, test the cable.

(3) Bad connection at one end of the cable. Check / Test / Re-terminate the cable at one end then the other. Also check the contacts in the RJ45 and the Ethernet port for corrosion / charring which would indicate water is getting in places it shouldn’t.

(4) Is this on an AM/FM tower ? All kinds of things are possible if this is the case.

(5) The AP is fried. Replace the AP.


thanks for the insight @brubble1

If you have a tester that actually tells you the rates 10/100/1000 the cable can do then disregard the rest.

You may know this already, and I think it probably is the AP Ethernet that is fried, but it seems that a lot of people do not know that basic cable testers only test continuity. It only verifies that there is a conductive path from one end the other, that there isn’t a conductive path in the case of a bad connection or broken wire, there is as short between wires (and which ones) and what order they are in.

A cable can test good with cable tester and still be completely incapable of establishing or maintaining an Ethernet connection.


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