EPMP 2000 and DFS

Are the Epmp GPS 2000 AP units able to operate in the DFS channels?

This is in the US.

I just double checked my 2000 and I don't seem to have access to any DFS channels, just 5.1-5.2, and 5.7-5.8. I would imagine that DFS channels are pending certification with the FCC and will be unlocked at a future date with a new firmware rev.

When I ask my crystal ball about a DFS firmware release date... it's showing hazy images of leaves falling off of trees, pumpkins, and perhaps some light snow fall :-)

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Eric is right. FCC DFS and ETSI DFS(except 5.9 GHz band) is locked in 3.0 release on ePMP 2000 because of certification issues.

Thank you.

Haha (Eric).

Just to be clear, there are no certification “issues”. The product is queued up at the FCC waiting for certification. As we get closer, we’ll provide an update.