ePMP 2000 antenna question

Gentleman from Cambium on webinar said two things I'd like clarification on....

FIrst, I believe he stated the new ePMP 2000 AP sector antenna was a single antenna for 120/90 deg H Beamwidths.  Is this true and if so how do you changed the "setting".?

That was followed up with a redommendation to use the 90deg sector with the smart beam-forming antenna since it was 90 deg.  This led me to think maybe there was two different sectors (90 and 120).  Again, just looking for clarification.  I assume this "smart" antenna is for receive only and the main sector is used for transmitting.


There is no 'switch' to change the beam pattern between 90 and 120deg. This has to do with the beamwidth azmuth at 90 and 120 degrees.

I've attached a spec sheet of the new antenna for your review.

The BSA only improves signals from the client or on the uplink from the AP's perspective. If the sector has clients that are outside of the 90deg pattern, the BSA may not be able to effectively talk to these SM's and thus the AP would choose the sector antenna for uplink preference over the BSA for thos specific SM's. SM's within the 90deg coverage area may still be chosen for uplink preference by the BSA. It's one or the other for each SM... but never at the same time.

Hmmm... thanks for the info.  I see that the BSA is actually powered from the AP using DC coupling via the RF jumpers.  It says the BSA only draws power during the RX cycle on the AP.  This being the case, can the AP decide to use the primary TX sector for actually receiving a signal from a client?  It would seem that it could not but is more impressive if it could in fact do this.  It provides some additional comfort from a BSA problem / failure as well if true....

There are no antenna gain specs on the BSA, I wonder if its actually like a pre-amp as well or if the power is solely for the beam-forming activities - unless they are both part of the new technology receive antenna.  I look forward to testing these and I am very glad to see te primary sector a lot shorter in height so that the BSA can fit under it without ueing even more tower space....

Hello, Im thinking on switching to cambium family but I have some doubts, does the epmp family works better than ubnt on areas with a lot of trees? because thats my main problem, trees are too high.

Does the 2000 has the ability to improve signals in these conditions?