Epmp 2000 AP sector Antenna Performance

Hi Support.

Can someone explain this:

I have an epmp 2000 sector antenna deployed on a 60m tower. Initially the Subscriber Modules connected to it were working, however as few more other antennas got deployed on the tower, my link started goinig ON and OFF at times, I would perform hard resets every now and then when it goes OFF just to get it back online. I’m suspecting there could be a congestion in the traffic due to more antennas on the tower that might be causing this. Is there any idea as to how to improve the performance or boost its signal???

Turn on syncing on APs.
Or physically move the antenna away from the antenna at least 1.5 m, the more you distance the better the devices.
Reduce the TX power on the APs as much as you can so that the internal interference you create for yourself is as small as possible.

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