ePMP 2000 AP with GPS - Wrong Country Code

We have a new ePMP2000 with Gps - Part number C0500900L132A that accidently had Canada as the Country Code that is locked into it.

When set up as an SM, it will not lock onto any of our AP’s with a country code of US.

It sees all of our AP’s, when looking in “Monitor Wireless” - but we cannot get it to lock onto our US AP’s.

We have defaulted it back to Factory Settings 2 or 3 times and it still will not lock onto any of our AP’s.

Evidently there must be something different between the Canada and US Country Codes that is not allowing the unit to lock onto one of our AP/s. Is that correct? IF we set it up as an AP, it will not allow any of our US SM’s to lock onto it.

How can we get the unit programmed to US from Canada, which is current in the unit?

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You’ll need to contact support.