EPMP 2000 AP's

Was there an announcment at Wispalooza 2015 about new AP's coming out? we missed the show and saw a slide show but it was rather vague on the new units?

Any info is appreciated.

you mean ePMP Force200? you can download Force200 datasheet in the website of http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/resources/epmp-force-200-specs/.

This is what I've seen about it. Gather what little information you can from the video.


There is a release forthcoming and the units are real. CN has been working on the 2000 series for over a year and with all I've read and heard, at the least, an announcement is due out shortly. I'm thinking perhaps of a release of information at WISPAmerica in a couple of weeks. Maybe.

Features are still somewhat foggy to me, but CN staff is excited and therefore so am I.

I've been running in place like many others, in wait.

From what I have personally learned, it will be performance and feature rich in comparison to other products out there.

I'd love an update to appear as well.

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