ePMP 2000 Beamforming antenna


Is it possible to have a monitor of ePMP 2000 Beamforming antenna performance in the ePMP 2000 access point?

At this time I can't have a feedback about which users are using the beamforming antenna and which users aren't, and it's not very nice :-)

I can only see:

Smart Antenna is Connected, Power On

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Hi Giuseppe,

You can see which Antenna is used by each SM on Monitor Wireless page on AP - Antenna Selected column.

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Wow! I didn't notice it! Thank you!

How do you get it off of Sector?

Hi All 

I dont know why but sometime the CPE is connected via sector antenna and sometime via BSA. 

I there an option to "force" the CPE to work with BSA? 

What are the parameters for working via BSA ? how the algorithm works ? 



AP estimates expected throughput for Sector Antenna and BSA for current environment and then selects better result.

In your case expected throughput values can be almost similar and vary a bit for each realignment.

Forced BSA feature will be delivered in 3.3 Release.

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Tnx @Fedor, 

Question, why not using always BFA ? 

The only answer I can think on is that the BFA has lower gain than the 17 DBi sector antenna but with narrow beam,, except from this, where is no logic why use the Sector instead of BFA.

Smart Antena has dynamic directional pattern.

And in specific cases it can provide lower gain on sector's edges.

Thank you.

Tnx @Fedor

Where can I find tech info on BFA ?such as Antenna gain & pattern ....


You can find Smart Antenna Spec Sheet there:


But please note it does not contain Antenna gain & pattern because as I mentioned above it is dynamic and it's form depends on SMs locations.

Thank you.