Epmp 2000 beamforming worth the cost?

The epmp 2000 beamforming antennas have been out for a while now. So I was wondering if the $400 antennas are worth trying. I haven't seen any comperissons or anythingfor these antenna. People just say it works better and leave it at that not giving any information. I'm really looking for some before and after information with signals, mcs, snr and all the good stuff. I have started to buy the epmp 2000s and switched some out with the antennas we have up already but there is no change. (Wasn't expecting anychange without the beamfroming antenna). 


Hi. I can not give a comparative of the before and after, but the difference in my case has been very remarkable concerning the Up load in the evenings and nights when there are more interferences.
So far with UBNT at these times it was incredibly bad UPL rate
The photo is from the same tower where the UBNT can not with the noise ...

I am sorry for my bad english.