ePMP 2000 complimenting the ePMP 1000 APs

Ok, so the  ePMP 2000 compliments the ePMP 1000 APs and is ont replacing them...   I get that.  But that means to me that the ePMP 2000 will be at least twice the costs of the 1000 series otherwise the 1000 series really would be replaced because there would be no compelling reason to buy a 1000 series AP if the price were the same.

So.....  whats the difference in MSRP price of 1000 AP vs 2000 AP and how much is the two new antennas?


The price difference isn't that much. A complete setup including the new 2000 AP, new antenna, and BSA can be had for under $1k.

If you purchase more than a few radios per year talk to your distributor about better pricing.  

Ultimately the 2000 install shouldn't cost that much more than a 1000 install.  The real test will be comparing it side-by-side with UBNT and Mimosa. In new deployments we are about 50/50 Cambium and UBNT AC.  They both perform well when engineered properly.  Cambium is proving to be slightly more consistent at this point though. UBNT throughput peaks higher from time to time.

yes definitely ask them about discount programs,   I can't complain about my pricing at all :)

I don't know the discount tiers specifics, but they are pretty nice.