Epmp 2000 "device can not be used in operating mode due to hardware problem. Please contact support"

We have a sector epmp 2000. The device was working for somo months but suddenly the clients can't connect to the sector.
In the notifications show:

"A major failure occurred with the device. Please reboot the device to attempt to clear the problem. If the problem persists, device can not be used in operating mode due to hardware problem. Please contact support."

We try in diferents modes and versions but the issue continue.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hello jorgemke,

Please open a ticket with support (https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/)  for further help. This failure type will affect proper operation of the AP, reason why your SMs are not connecting.


We have the same issue, did you ever diagnose what fault was?

I have the same problem on an ePMP 2000 AP here also.

If this problem persists even after a reboot, its a hardware defect. The FPGA is not able to communicate with the SoC and vice versa. Please proceed with RMA on the radio. 




I also had same issue, but when i troubleshoot it I realized that the problem was coming from the smart antenna cable connecting to the sectorial antenna.Immediately I changed the cable everything became fine.

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maestrooooo, tuve el mismo problema y era el pigtail con falso, o mal, yo soy de salta argentina, aca no se puede comprar otro mandar a soporte y esperar, me salvaste la semana y el mes, muchas gracias

I have found that his issue is related to power supply fluctuations. When the voltage drops (for instance on battery) it freaks out the hardware. Reboot doesn’t fix. Power off completely for a minute or so and then power on.

Your results may vary and could be caused by a completely different issue to mine.


Exelente, me salvaste la tarde