(ePMP 2000) DFS ERIP with a 10dbi Omni

I have an ePMP 2000 on a 10dbi gain Omni. With the antenna set to 10 gain the max power I can do in a DFS band is 12. that makes the ERIP only 22. Missing 8db makes quite a difference. 

Is that just how the DFS certs are for the 2000? only with its 18 dbi antenna? Can I use the 2000 at full ERIP with a 10dbi antenna? Does the 1000 also do this, or can it do the 20dbm with a 10dbi antenna in the DFS band?


Could you please specify which band and better which particular frequency is used?

Also please let me know what FW release is running on your devices.

Thank you.


It does it on every DFS band 5250-5320, 5500-5700. it gives this warning. specifically tried  5300, 5500, and 5630

* To maintain regulatory compliance, the configured Transmitter Output Power must not exceed 12 dBm

Software Version


Correct, Conducted Power is limited as well as EIRP.

Conducted Power is limited  to 12 dBm for ePMP2000 for 5.4 GHz and 5.2 GHz bands.

ePMP1000 has a bit higher Conducted Power allowed - 13 dBm in 5.2 GHz band and 14 dBm in 5.4 GHz band.

In 5.8-5.8 Ghz band Conducted power limited: 23 dBm for AP PMP mode , 30 for PTP and SM mode.

Thank you.

Well... sectors all the way then...