ePMP 2000 Full AP won't allow more than 10 SMs

I ran into a strange problem with an ePMP 2000 AP today. This is a full AP, and the GUI is showing the maximum number of SMs as 120, like it should, but when I try setting the max registrations allowed to anything higher than 10, I get the following error:

20:49:27 Configuration save failed.
Max Registrations Allowed : Probably device is AP Lite. Device limited to: 10 subscribers

To make things even stranger, it was working fine until I changed the GPS settings earlier today and it just switched itself to 10 max registrations. I'm pretty sure that this AP came as Full AP, and wasn't upgraded from a Lite. Any ideas what's going on here?


Hello Mathew,

Could you please contact me at Fedor.trutsko(at)cambiumnetworks(dot)com?
I would be glad to help you with troubleshooting.

Thank you.


If anyone else runs into this problem, it was caused by a flash memory issue, but Cambium was able to provide me with a new firmware image that resolved the problem.

Thanks to Fedor for the quick fix! I very much appreciate not having to climb a 350' tower in 0 degree weather to replace it.


Good evening I'm also experiencing the same problem, how can I solve it? Thank you in advance

Hello vnigri,

Submit a request with Customer Support for assistance. This most likely will require accessing the unit by one of our engineers.


We had the same issue. running 3.5.1, upgrading to 3.5.2 didn't fix it. 

Turns out that you have to go to the Config > Radio tab and change the 'Max Registrations Allowed' field manually from 10 to 120. (This is despite 'Tools' > 'License Management' > 'Subscriber Module Limit' =120.

You then have to do a reboot (even though the radio doesnt ask you to reboot)

Hi, i have the same problem with cambium epmp 2000. Could you tell me your solution?


Hi ruud18,

Please work with our support team and they will be happy to resolve this issue.