EPMP 2000 Help


I have a BS Epmp 2000 to service an SM at 38 kms with environment with noise.

Today I tested with a SM at short range, an it behaves the same (it connects and disconnects).

I include print screen of the BS.

That could be happening? co-channel interference or hardware failure. 

Does your security keys match?

Also that power is way to loud, your going to damage the cpe that loud.

yes, the tkey SSID and WPA2 are correct.

The nearest CPE was for testing.

If you look at the photo, the SNR values colud be real, but the RSSI values do not conform to reality 

its very stange.

another photo

Is that SM really at 38km? If so, then I don't see how you'd be getting that RSSI at that distance. The signals are too strong and are overloading the radios. What happens if you turn down the power on both ends till you get an RSSI in the 50's? Are you using 3.5.2 on all radios? Are you using large parabolic dishes on these radios?

the software version are 3.5.2 and the client is force 200.

It -should- tell you under the SM's "Wireless" tab why it is disconnecting. You may also find the reason in the syslog of the devices. As Eric stated, your RSSI in relation to distance is not correct. Yor SNR values are low in comparison to RSSI. You may need to run spec-an as well. 

finally it has been decided to change the equipment, and add a smart beamforming antenna.

This is the result.

Looks like you changed the frequency too.


But it works well on another frequency.