Epmp 2000 Lite Licensce Keys to full version

Dear Team

I will like to make inquiry a friend called me he urgently wanted to know if the Licensed key used on a epmp2000 radio unit (converted from Lite version to the full version 120 subscribers allowed) can it be used on another epmp2000(a new unit entirely) if the former radio unit was damaged by a thunder strike?

Can he reload the backup configuration of the old epmp2000 (full version licensed key) into a newly purchased epmp2000?

Hope to hear from you soonest

As far as I know, I believe you can transfer license between radios, if the original one is damaged.

You would probably be best to also open a support ticket with Cambium Support. These forums are user-to-user forums, although Cambium does participate somewhat here. However, these forums are typically just users helping other users – so you’ll want to also open a Support Ticket with Cambium ASAP. If this is urgent - it’s bad luck to have something like this happen on a weekend - and a long weekend too. :frowning:

Hello Ninedd

Okay thank you.

Normally you can not and this is the exact reason you can not.